Radon Testing in Ellenwood, GA

A visual, non-invasive inspection of the readily accessible parts and components of a home or property. Including but, not limited to;

Roof: Reporting on Type, Material, Condition, Approximate Age, Moisture Intrusion, Penetrations, Flashings of a Drainage system

Electrical: Service line, Main Shut Off, Visible Conductors and Wiring, Electrical Panels, Fixtures and Readily accessible operations.

HVAC: Visual and Functional where allowable inspection of Compressor, Condenser, Service Lines, Condensation Drainage, Coils, Air Handler, Visible ductwork, Flues, Filters, Furnace and Thermostat.

Plumbing: Visible Service Lines, Water Lines, Drain Pipes, Fixtures, Water Heater, Service Caps, Vent Pipes, Gas Line and much more.

Foundation: Checking Structure Type, Material, Differential Movement, Beams, Bearing Walls, Joists and Trusses, Piers and Posts, Floor and Slab, Stairs and Handrails and Subfloor

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